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3 Einträge
Victoria aus Skibbereen schrieb am 8. Februar 2023
It was that time, when I really needed to heal myself and Anja was the right person to help me to feel great again. Her good energy and positive mind its all that matters in cranio. Very delighted to meet Anja.
André aus Ireland schrieb am 23. Oktober 2022
I had a treatment just recently. The treatment was lovely and relaxing as was the atmosphere. Since then I started feeling much better, calmer and I can really feel the healing setting in within me, that I couldn't get to before. Thank you Anja for your magical hands.
Paula Wallwork aus Glastonbury UK schrieb am 27. September 2022
Anja Steigerweld gave me several sessions of absent Cranio Therapy over night whilst I was asleep. Each morning I awoke feeling thirsty but refreshed, I didn’t feel as tired as I normally did. One night I awoke just as she started work on the back of the base of my head, i felt energy radiating in my throat and went straight back to sleep. Since Anja started working with me i have felt much calmer, being better able to call upon the stillness inside me. I feel like blockages which i had have now gone. Cranio and Anja (together) are majikal.
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